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Stay with us and experience Bjärehalvön, Kullabygden and Ängelholm! Here you will find a smorgasbord of breath talking nature, lots of activities, rich culture, culinary highlights, local attractions, farmers markets and quant boutiques.

Bike the Bjäre

The Bjäre peninsula in northern Skåne offers great biking paths with rolling hills, quant fishing and summer villages. The access to small country roads is pretty much endless in the area, you will see anything form yellow colza fields to lush green beech woods, to stunning views of ocean and beaches, and much more.

Kattegattleden – Sweden’s first national biking path
You can easily reach the Kattegatt Trail from our hotel. The Kattagatt bike trail runs continuously 370 kilometer along amazing scenery in the midst of nature. The location is unique with its close proximity to the ocean, sandy beaches many overlook points. The trail, that is almost free from motor traffic, runs from Helsingborg to Gothenburg, via small quant fishing villages and summer resorts such as Båstad, Halmstad and Varberg.

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Skåne Trail

Close to the hotel you can find the Skåne walking path. Early spring and summer the path is surrounded by lush green vegetation and beech wood tree trunks, a stunning nature experience. The close proximity to the North Atlantic Ocean and the sounds of splashing waves, makes the hike very relaxing. Österlen area offers a richness in culture and culinary highlights. For those who want more pulse and beach life, Båstad, Torekov and Mölle are perfect stops on the path.

Golfing at Bjäre

There are ten golf courses in the immediate area, with different characters and classifications, which makes it easy to find a nice fit for all type of golfers. The mild climate makes it possible to play all year around. We partner with Bjäre GK, Torekov GK, Åkagården GK and Ängelholm GK. Book your golf packet via us and we will reserve playtime at the golf course you are interested in.

Sightseeing in Bjäre & Kullabygden

Bjäre and Kullabygden offers local groceries and food. You will find a culinary richness with lots of small local shops, deli shops, cafés, restaurants and Höganäs Food Hall.

You will also find Hembygdsparken, vineyards, fleet farms, nature experinces, old fishing villages and a rich culture.

Ocean & Beach life

If you would like to enjoy beach life and swimming, some of the finest beaches in Skåne are located in Skälderviken, Ängelholm and Segeltorpsstrand, also by Laholmsbukten you will find the sandy beach of Båstad.

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