Training & Wellness

The park around the hotel offers a state of meditative inner piece, and also great opportunities for exercise, with its own running paths, padel lanes, gym and group workouts at Friskis&Svettis. The hotel is located close to the North Atlantic Ocean with the beautiful sandy beaches of Skälderviken, The Kattegatt trail offers excellent biking, walking and running paths.

Friskis&Svettis Valhall Park

In the park you will find Friskis&Svettis, 500 m from the hotel. All is welcome here, no matter your level or ambition of exercise. They offer a gym, outside gym and various group exercises, spinning, and yoga. You can purchase a workout pass at the hotel.


Valhall Park offers two padel lanes. Padel is combo of tennis and squash. Each lane is 10m x 20m surrounded by 3 meter high glass walls that may be used in the game. The middle of the lane is divided by a net, and you always play double. What makes padel so easy is that anyone who can hit a ball can have fun playing, no previous experience with racket-sports are needed to be able to enjoy this game. Padel is a lot of fun, easy to learn and cool for those who would like to try something new. It is a social sport indeed. A game that can be played by all ages.

We can help you with booking. You can always check out – (Matchi app can be downloaded for iPhone and Android.)

The Kattegatt Trail – Sweden’s first national bike path

You can easily reach the Kattegatt Trail from our hotel. The Kattagatt bike trail runs continuously 370 kilometer along amazing scenery in the midst of nature. The location is unique with its close proximity to the ocean, sandy beaches many overlook points. The trail, that is almost free from motor traffic, runs from Helsingborg to Gothenburg, via small quant fishing villages and summer resorts such as Båstad, Halmstad and Varberg.

Skåne walking path

Close to the hotel you can find the Skåne walking path. Early spring and summer the path is surrounded by lush green vegetation and beech wood tree trunks, a stunning nature experience. The close proximity to the North Atlantic Ocean and the sounds of splashing waves, makes the hike very relaxing. Österlen area offers a richness in culture and culinary highlights. For those who want more pulse and beach life, Båstad, Torekov and Mölle are perfect stops on the path.

During the fall you can hike along the dramatic coastline, walking in yellow and red beech woods around Österlen, following the footsteps of ”snapphanarna” in northern Skåne, or hike through the large beech woods in Söderåsens national park, both providing breathtaking scenery.