Conference Food

Slottet Restaurant

Our mansion like Slottet provides a nice frame for conferencing dinners. Slottet was built 1896 by Max Langenheim as a private estate, the architecture inspired from Dutch renaissance era. Around 1940’s the Swedish air force moved into building, then serving as a wardroom until 2003. Slottet is now a part of Valhall Park Hotel and provides a perfect setting for conference dinners and larger events.

Slottet serves conference lunch and conference dinners. Our guests praise us for our high quality, locally sourced made from scratch food, where we focus on seasonal ingredients to enhance your culinary experience.

Here you can find weekly menu

Hotel Breakfast

Hotel breakfast is served in the main hotel building in our lovely restaurant with large windows towards the park, increasing light and energy in the room. Here you will find home baked bread, homemade müsli, homemade smoothies & energy boosting ginger shots to help kick-start your body and immune system for the day. You can also find traditional Swedish foods such as pickled herring and salmon amongst scrambled eggs and bacon, assorted meats and seasonal fruit. Indeed everything a rich and nutritious breakfast should include to provide a perfect start to your day!


Fika is an everyday Swedish tradition. Fika is a coffee break – and more. It’s about having a coffee while spending time with someone else. It’s a concept in Swedish culture with the basic meaning “to have coffee”, often accompanied with pastries, cookies or pie. Valhall Park is no different, we offer a fresh Fika menu with anything from finger sandwiches, to deli sandwiches, smoothies and pastries that can be catered to your conference room.

Green Key

Production of food has a large impact on our environment and the win to reduce food waste is rather large. Food waste happens in the kitchen, when being prepared and when served to our guests. By improved routines, planning and follow-up, and with the engagement of our guests, we continuously work to reduce food waste, encourage customer to choose more environmental friendly alternatives, and we commit to offer a certain amount of ecological and fair trade products.