Viking mounds – Fruit Tree Garden – Business Park

Valhall Park dates back to the Viking era! Graves and mounds from the bronze age was discovered here, where items like axes, swords, belts and knifes was found, dating back to the Viking era. Later the park became a fruit tree garden, the old garden house is still standing with its thatched roof. The property was owned by Carl George Stjerneswärd, also owner of Engeltofta estate around 1700/1800.

Valhall Park Hotel has a building called Slottet, a mansion like estate, built 1896 by Max Langenheim as a private estate, designed by architect Andersson in Christian IV style. Mrs. Langenheim came from Denmark and with her came two Copper Beech trees being planted in front of Slottet. 1945 a Swedish air force division called F10 moved to Barkåkra in Ängelholm, Slottet then became a wardroom. Today Slottet is utilized as conference and banquet room, with most of the original architecture and charm well-kept throughout the years, providing a majestic feel to the park.

Swedish JAS, military fighter aircrafts designed primarily for air-to-air combat, started designing fighter planes Viggen and Jas Gripen here in 1997. 1998 there were also rescue helicopters in the area; Hkp 3 Augusta Bell, used to assist with medical emergencies.

May of 2003 F10 was closed and Vasallen took over the area. Valhall Park changed to a business park, with companies moving in, in additional to leisure and educational academies. First to move here was Koenigsegg Automotive AB, secondly the hotel Flottiljen was established in the summer of 2003, nowadays called Valhall Park Hotel. The original hotel building was used as a student hotel for the JAS pilots.

The hotel expanded in 2010 with additionally 42 rooms in a new building an also with 6 conference rooms and 22 group rooms. The construction company Peab bought the whole park area in 2006. Today the park offers hotel and conferencing, restaurant, café, cider brewery, gym facilities, restaurant school, campus, Air museum and 80 active businesses, including the exclusive car manufacturer Koenigsegg. Valhall Park is owned by Peab Park.